What We Do

Health and Well-being

Seeds for Growth develops and delivers a wide range of dynamic projects that are designed to address the high incidence of poor diet related ill health and in particular Type 2 Diabetes and Cardio Vascular related issues.

We also develop and deliver programmes to reduce child and adult obesity and to increase physical fitness for all.

Every year nearly 10,000 local people enjoy the healthy food purchased at the Seeds for Growth community based food co-ops at which dietary and healthy cooking advice are also provided.


Seeds for Growth has launched nearly 30 community based food co-operatives selling grade 1 fruit and vegetables at low prices. The stock reflects the dietary / cultural and religious preferences of the local communities.


We’ve helped 36 schools to establish pupil led and run healthy fruit tuck shops. These tuck shops enhance children’s understanding of a healthy diet and help them to achieve 5 units of fruit a day.


Our fitness Bollywood dance classes have been a great success; through them we provided participants with follow on opportunities to maintain fitness at local sports and health centres.


Seeds for Growth in London focuses on supporting socially marginalised people to achieve their full potential by addressing the factors – such as unemployment, poor health, and  lack of access to training or housing – that can so often hold them back.

 Do you want to  launch a health initiative in your community?