Listening to the community


We believe that communities have the answers to the issues they face. In all our work, we endeavour to create opportunities for community members to guide and to participate in our projects – so we have consulted approximately 22,000 people through community outreach. From initiating ideas to influencing how we deliver projects, the voices of community members are central to what we do.

We have reached:

10,000 people through door-knocking to encourage more recycling and to seek their views and feedback on recycling.

10,800 people living near food co-ops were contacted to encourage to use their local food co-op and also to volunteer to staff it.  We also gathered for the food co-op valuable information about health issues within each family, current fresh food shopping and what they would like their local food co-op to stock.

198 tenants consulted about the building of a local community garden.

600 people were asked to provide information on the employment advice and support needs in the household.

300 people attended employment taster sessions which included the gathering of information on employment status and needs.

If you’d like to tell us about you or your community, please get in touch! We’d love to know more about your ideas, existing projects, as well as the issues and barriers you or your community are facing and the great things about your community as well.  You can reach us via the contact form below, or send us a message through Facebook or Twitter.

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