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Pond Farm

Pond Farm Estate has raised planters in the car park, in the centre of the estate. Growing organisers consulted with the residents in November 2022 and they requested transforming the space into a new community garden, including a secure shed, tools and a water butt.


One planter has many perennial herbs including rosemary, mint, and tarragon as well as a few fruit trees. A second contains flowers and a range of shrubs. Residents decided to use the third planter, which also contains a central tree stump, to grow fruit and vegetables.  


In February 2023, a community day event was held to weed and declutter beds in preparation for the growing season. 12 residents participated in the session.  In August the residents growing group planted the beds with a small range of vegetables and fruits.  In March 2024, Pond Farm residents received both the 'Introduction to Community Growing in Raised Beds' and 'What, Where When' training workshops. The group is almost in a good position to become constituted with Hackney Council.

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