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Setting up a community green space: Let’s build a flourishing community garden together.  If you would like to collaborate with us to create your green community space, add the words 'Greening Communities' in your message.  You can find out more about our experience of ‘greening communities’ here.

Set up a local food co-operative:  We’ve helped to create 36 local food co-ops so far (and counting).  You can find out more about our food co-ops here. Please let us know if you’d like support to establish a food co-op – we have an experienced team to guide you down the path. 

Set up a pupil-run fruit tuck shop at your local school: We’ve supported 35 schools to set up a pupil-run fruit tuck shop. It’s a great way of teaching children about healthy eating and to support them to do so every day. You can find out more about our fruit tuck shops here. Get in touch if you’d like some support to set up your own school fruit tuck shop.

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