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Amwell Court

In November 2022, two workshops; 'Introduction to Growing in Containers' and 'Soil and Compost' were delivered to residents and local community garden group members at Amwell Court by Growing Coordinator Rita.

Resident Mike Sloane spear headed the development project for the residents, and with the support of the residents Hackney Council were in favour of the creation of new growing spaces behind the housing block – parallel to the canal. In June 2023, the planters were built with the help and donation of materials from both IG Construction and soil from Bourne Amenities, at the delight of residents who were ready to start growing.

In August 2023, Greening Communities and Hackney council hosted a residents community event which was open to all residents to attend and see how the garden was growing. Mike manages a resident whatsapp group with almost all other gardeners on it (approx 10). A storage shed was installed in late summer and 13 residents have registered to grow in the planters and have had a successful year so far.

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