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Kyverdale Estate

In January 2023 a weekend garden design session for the residents was held to plan and design a communal garden. The residents wanted a low-maintenance garden of herbs and vegetables. In February, a wider consultation was held with tenants, and a conceptual garden design plan was drafted and was shared with residents, and agreed on by all stakeholders. 


Between May and November, three gardening sessions were delivered by growing organiser Rita.

Herbs, onions, late season lettuce, kale, strawberries, pea and broad bean seeds were planted into the planters and have been maintained by both the children and adults on the estate.

Herb propagation workshop - 2024

Residents had their third training session on Herbs and Propagation, led by the amazing Jack, one of our new growing organisers! 💫 Rita showed everyone the art of taking cuttings from various herbs, giving residents the chance to try their hand at it and take home some new plant babies. 🌱🌿 This hands-on session was all about empowering our community with essential skills for successful herb growing - from sowing seeds to propagating through cuttings, root-stocks, and division!

Consultation and installation - 2023

In collaboration with James Lowe &

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