Our projects focus on supporting disadvantaged people by working with local schools, community centres and housing estates in the heart of London’s bustling East End. Through our participation in EU funded projects, we’ve worked in many countries, including Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuanian, Norway and Spain.

Greening Communities
Seeds for Growth is identifying underused land on social housing estates and then engaging with the local tenants to establish a group leading the establishment of community gardens, which have a number of brilliant benefits for health and wellbeing. Read more about Greening Communities and how you can get involved.

Click to download the Greening Communities Business Plan

Health and wellbeing projects
By addressing the root causes of poor health, and through working in partnership with local agencies, Seeds for Growth improves the well-being of East End communities. We have designed and delivered projects to reduce child and adult obesity, increase fitness for all, address the high incidence of poor diet related ill health and, in particular, Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular issues. You can read all about our Health and Wellbeing projects.

Fruit 4 Work
Seeds for Growth provides and refills pre-sorted fresh fruit baskets to offices once or twice a week through our Fruit 4 Work programme. Read more about Fruit 4 Work.


Co-operative Development
Seeds for Growth provides advice, support and training for groups of people who would like to launch their own worker co-operative. Co-operatives are registered businesses that can trade in any enterprise sector (retail, food, services, etc) and are led by all the employees. You can find out more about Co-operatives and how we can support you to set up your own co-operative.

Business Succession
We have extensive experience supporting employees take over and then to run the business. If you’d like to know more about Business Succession and how Seeds for Growth can help, you can read more here.

Employability and Social Enterprise
Helping people into employment is key to improving the well-being of individuals and communities. We really know our local community and this ensures that our programmes really do meet local needs and aspirations. Our team have also been involved in social enterprise initiatives for over twenty years and can support you to achieve your goals. Find out more about our Employability and Social Enterprise projects, and contact us to find out more.

Criminal Justice
Seeds for Growth has worked with a wide variety of partners in the UK and across Europe to deliver a number of criminal justice programmes. Read more about these here.