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Whiston Estate

In February 2023 Community growing organiser Rita met with and joined residents at a community tree planting event organised by local resident, Beatrice in collaboration with the estates grounds maintenance team. Hackney council supplied residents with 5 fruit trees and a staff member to help inform residents about best tree planting practices and after care. 

In June of 2023, Hackney council installed a large planter and collaborated with the greening communities programme, providing a large range of low maintenance plants to open this planting opportunity to residents. 


2 afterschool planting sessions were delivered to residents who received training on the types of plants they had, planting schemes and design, best digging and planting practices. Greening Communities also supplied residents with edible plants, seeds and bulbs which was included in the planting area such as tomatoes, courgettes, radish, onion and nasturtiums

In October, 5 wooden crates from art shipping company Momartre were installed on the estate which will be prepared and made ready for the growing season ahead.

Fruit tree planting session

In April 2023, we hosted a fruit tree planting session for residents at Whiston Estate in Hackney, supported by the Hackney Council Horticultural Development Officer and our Community Garden Organiser, Rita.

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