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Sowing new seeds

on Thu, 11/29/2012 - 12:57

We are delighted to announce that Seeds will be involved in three new projects in the European Criminal Justice sector. There will be new challenges up ahead, but we are enthused by these great projects which aim to do important, and much-needed work.


We will be leading on this project that seeks to address the lack of accredited training for arts practitioners working in prisons throughout Europe.

Funded through the Leonardo da Vinci Programme for the Transfer of Innovation, we will be working with the Prison Arts Foundation and The College of Teachers, as well as three

Languages Behind Bars

The growing numbers of foreign nationals in European prisons can result in cultural tensions and an inability to communicate basic needs, rights and obligations within the prison context. This can have a negative effect on offenders’ knowledge of legal rights, or court cases, access to medical and psychiatric care, participation in work, education and training, contact with family and the outside world, and resettlement opportunities.


The PriMedia Network came from earlier European projects concerned with ICT, arts and multimedia in offender learning, many of which were highlighted during the 2010 Grundtvig Conference on Prison Education in Hungary. At this conference it became clear that the main concerns were no longer to do with access or security, but with the effective application of ICT and multimedia in the classroom.